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Marketing Major Career

Marketing Major Description and Career

The basic thing you should know if you are after marketing major – Marketing is an art of presenting and selling a good idea. An original idea or an innovation cannot be recognized and exploited to its full potential, unless it is presented in the right way. Convincing the customer, why they need a product is marketing. The American Marketing Association’s (AMA) defines marketing as

Marketing major career

 “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Increasingly the realm of advertising is being expanded to include marketing. For instance, does it pay to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo? For a salesman yes but for a marketer it is a no. The no becomes more emphatic if the marketer is planning to go back to the customer again which often is the case. Marketing is an important aspect of business; it’s not just about selling a product but it is a diverse field, where logic, creativity and analytical skills which helps large organizations understand what the customer’s needs and wants are and position products accordingly so that they are attracted and persuade them to buy them. Those who are taking marketing major should know that marketing is a step above just advertising and promotions of the brand. It involves a careful analysis of all the factors which contribute in the image of the brand in the consumer’s mind. A good marketer examines all the aspects of the product and the company which go into the construction of the image of the brand in the consumer’s experience. He identifies the key areas which favor as well those that incipiently disconcert the consumer about the brand. Hence a clear understanding of the psychological processes behind consumer behavior will also significantly contribute to his/her success.

Careers in marketing major or degree

Is marketing a good major?

marketing major career pathWhat is marketing major? Marketing major is focused towards the dynamic global market economy and learns how to strategically promote and sell products. The skills to research customer needs and learning their behavior, identifying trends, communicate with consumers, and develop outreach strategies to sell products or services. Market research, understanding marketing channels globally and understanding Business to Business marketing are the analytical skills developed over the period of the course. Marketing skills like sales and retail management, price management are also a few important aspects covered in the marketing course. One of the best thing you can do when have marketing skills is, to make money online. As an example this local Asian guy is a great example how he’s blogging for living just by sharing travel story and common things but he’s an expert when it comes to marketing and promotion.

 Business marketing major specializes in marketing, and is more focused towards advertising, promotion and statistics analysis. The demand for marketing major or a business major will always be at good levels because there are a significant number of career opportunities available to individuals with good business education. People with formal training to plan, organize and manage are always an asset to organizations and they thus invest highly in acquiring graduates from business school and in fact even rely on business schools to acquire new employees.

Employers looking to recruit students pursuing marketing majors as a marketing career path give a significant weightage to peer performance. Employers don’t just look to recruit students from Ivy League colleges, but also recruit from other lesser known universities and colleges; a student with an impressive and unique profile stands a better chance than a middle of the road student at an Ivy League college. How one performs is more important, than where one studies. Opportunities for specialization are more diverse for marketing major as compared to any other field, a graduate with a degree in marketing can choose to specialize for their master’s degree in marketing in fields like accounting, finance, human resources, real estate, or any path that relates to business and industry. If you aren’t sure about a specialization, marketing major is a rational option and you can always choose a specialization later.

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The reasons that make marketing major is promising;

marketing major descriptionLogic and creativity are important skills for marketing major and it helps develop a sense of strategic thinking, it requires thinking out of the box to stay ahead of the rest.  For those who work well with teams and are good at coordinating, marketing major is an excellent option.

Communication: Marketing major requires good communication skill. For an organization it is imperative that word spreads about them but only in a good light. There is always the opportunity of meeting new people and one gets paid to socialize. Interaction with people helps understand the trends and is a great source of information, the onus is on the listener to select and use the right information to his/her advantage. By talking to people and getting to know them helps the marketers to understand and learn things about consumer behavior and constantly remain in touch with ground reality.

Industries are at cross-roads: Every company understands the importance of advertising and marketing in the right way. A good product ends up being only as good as the campaign to sell it. This makes an area with tremendous potential to determine the success of an organization or a particular brand/product. In order to stay ahead of competitors it is crucial for companies to have evolving and effective campaigns.

Ever increasing industry: Marketing is an industry which is here to stay! A firm today in order to increase its popularity and coverage depends on marketing techniques. To effectively manage a firm’s PR is increasingly becoming a tedious job, this job has thus been delegated to several professional ad agencies and marketing agencies for better results.

Marketing major will prepare the individual with requisite skills to survive and combat in an increasingly competitive global market. Sometimes companies recruit even a fresher by offering a high salary to match his capability while others have to move up the ladder through sheer dint of hard work.

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